“Ambassador” of Panathinaikos in Albania, Sambanis


“Ambassador” of Panathinaikos in Albania will be from here on out Leonidas Sampanis.

The weightlifting legend will represent the “cloverleaf” in the neighboring country, in order to have a closer cooperation with the country’s athletes and club.

In detail, the announcement:

The Panathinaikos Athletic Club announces its collaboration with Leonidas Sampanis as the Association’s “ambassador” in the neighboring country.

The Association starts contacts with athletes who have glorified the “clover” and will represent it in the countries they come from, with the aim of raising the Association’s flag even higher around the world.

The beginning is from the neighboring Albania and Leonidas Sampanis is the representative of the Association in the Balkan country.

The athlete with the greatest distinctions in Panathinaikos in individual events is the 52-year-old former weightlifter.

Born in 1971 in Elbasan, originally from Korça, he achieved the following in the green jersey: A world record, a world record tie, two gold medals in world championships, two Olympic silver medals and nine gold medals and five silver medals in Pan-European championships and he undoubtedly left his mark on the sport of strongmen.

In a statement on www.pao1908.com, Leonidas Sambanis said: “It is a huge honor for me to represent Panathinaikos in Albania.

I was born and I was in Albania until I was 20 and I would like to help as much as I can both the country where I was born and my team Panathinaikos in Greece who embraced me. This is a huge award for me and it fills me with responsibility and I want to cope as well as possible.”

The goals of the ambassadors of Panathinaikos in the various countries are the closer cooperation through athletes and clubs, the even greater interaction of the “trefoil” with each country and the series of actions and events.

Contact information for the “ambassador” of Panathinaikos in Albania [email protected]».

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