Four-day Europe Youth table tennis Loutraki


The Loutraki International Junior Table Tennis Tournament will be held in the wonderful tourist town of Corinthia from Wednesday 25 to Saturday 28 October and, regardless of the small response from foreign countries, it marks a good and special moment in the sense that the Hellenic Federation undertakes organizing such an event after many years.

The Open concerns European sportsmen and women up to 13 and up to 15 years of age and includes the team, singles and doubles events. After some cancellations in the last few days, it is expected to bring together 37 boys and girls from three countries, and the small participation is the reason why its program has been changed.

It normally starts the day after tomorrow Wednesday and will end next Saturday and not Sunday, which was originally planned. The venue is the Sport Camp’s main gym, facilities that, after several training camps, will host competitions in the sport for the first time.

Apart from Greece, Georgia and Denmark will have athletes in Loutraki. The first two days will be the team competition with mixed teams and the next two the singles and doubles.

The games start on Wednesday at 09:00 with the single group of the Under 13 team and at 11:30 will be followed by the start in the corresponding group of the Under 15 team. The firsts will be decided on Thursday at 16:30.

On Friday, the first to enter the tables (09:00) will be the papaids for the singles groups. At 09:25, it will be the girls’ turn, at 09:50 the boys’ turn and at 10:40 the girls’ turn, always for the first phase of the singles.

At 18:00 of the same day, the doubles will also begin, where the “knockout” system is applied immediately. At 09:00 the matches of the fourth and last day will begin. First with matches for the Under 15 boys’ round of 16. In succession, come the next games of the boards in all categories.

The individual event finals are scheduled for the evening section. At 18:45 in the Under 13 doubles for male and female athletes, at 19:15 in the Under 15 doubles, at 19:45 in the Under 13 singles for boys and girls and at 20:15 in the Under 15 singles.

In “Iakovou Hall” will be the training ground for the games and it will open on Tuesday. At noon on Wednesday, the individual competitions will be drawn, while in the team competition, the order of the matches in the single groups will simply be known. There, in addition to Georgia and Denmark, we remind you that two Greek teams for children and three for all children will participate.

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