“Bloody Goals” was released and performed at the Concert Hall


Author Luciano Wernicke’s books, “Bloody Goals” and “Diego: Confidential”, were presented at the Athens Concert Hall, on Saturday, October 21, by Belle Epoque Publishing, under the auspices of the Argentine Embassy in Greece.

The all-star roster of speakers included Christos Sotirakopoulos, Yiannis Zouganelis, Yiannis Tsaousis, Thodoris Manikas, Alexis Spyropoulos, Yotis Panagiotas, Alexandros Lothanos and of course, the author of the two books. In the role of referee-moderator, the radio producer and TV presenter Yiannis Kordonis.

The Argentinian author, one of the most translated in Latin America, developed the content of his new work, “Bloody Goals”, which is an in-depth historical study in the political driving of the most popular sport on the planet.

“In all corners of the world, from the years of Mussolini and Hitler until today, football falls victim to ruthless politicians, dictators, businessmen, barons. People who are more interested in their personal image and less in the problems of the people”, he argued.

“There are parts of the book that, when you read them, you go crazy!” With these words, Christos Sotirakopoulos commented on Wernicke’s other work, “Diego: Confidential”. The leading sports writer underlined: “It is unfair to judge someone according to our own “want” and “believe”. Everyone is special. And Maradona was perhaps the most special of all.”

Concert Hall:

The actor and musician Yiannis Zouganelis captivated the audience and, in his unique way, made a philosophical approach to the “Diego effect”. For his part, the legend of the night radio zone, Giannis Tsaousis, masterfully weaved together the content of the two books. He spoke of the “abuse” of football by dictatorial regimes and raised concerns about the timing of Maradona being cut, literally at the last moment, from Argentina’s squad in the “dirty World Cup” of 1978.

Concert Hall:

The great sportscaster and sports writer Alexis Spyropoulos spoke about the period when Maradona lived in Mexico, on behalf of Dorandos. He expressed his admiration for “how much the life of an entire region, which until then was known only for drug vapers, changed, thanks to him.”

The musician and journalist Thodoris Manikas recounted his childhood experiences. He recalled his youth, when he realized how easy it is for football to become a “game of power” in the hands of powerful people.

The journalist, writer and interpreter at the event, Alexandros Lothano, emphasized that, when Maradona died, everyone felt that they had lost “their” man, while the translator of the two works, journalist and writer, Giotis Panagiotas noted that “Diego surpassed and life itself”.

The event held a big surprise: Juan José Borrelli sent his greetings to the spectators via video. He emphasized how much he misses Greece and revealed that he himself was a teammate of Diego Maradona for seven consecutive years, in the famous Showbol tournaments!

The books “Bloody Goals” and “Diego: Confidential” are published by Belle Epoque Publishing. They are available at www.be.gr and, from Wednesday 25 October, in all central bookstores.

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