Notts County deny Taylor Swift takeover rumors in epic fashion!


A little chaos has been caused on the Island since Friday morning, regarding its future Notts County!

Apparently, the British newspaper, “Weekend Sport”, “revealed” that the singer, Taylor Swiftwants to buy a majority stake in the world’s oldest team!

The reaction of the people of the club did not take long to come, who accepted these rumours with… a lot of humor!

It is indicative that they published a photo of the American singer on social media role of coach of the club (!), while a little later they made an official statement on this matter!

“As much as we’re sorry to disappoint the Swift fans in our club ranks, we need to get this story straight. There’s certainly nothing wrong with Taylor but, at such an exciting time for us and the club, she certainly couldn’t have believed in her wildest dreams that we’d be leaving the club. We will be leaving a space on tomorrow’s pre-match music list for a track from her recently released album ‘1989’ as a token of appreciation for her interest,” reported characteristics.

Source: Sport Fm

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