Demis: “The decisive point was Stankovic’s red – The referee didn’t want to do injustice to AEK”


In the competitive data of her defeat AEK in Marseille, the refereeing decisions of the match and then of its group in Europa League he referred to his “air”. News Bulletin 247 The Demis Nikolaidis.

The producer of the station regarding the refereeing of the match expressed the opinion that there was no “massacre” against the Union, Daniel Stefanski did not have in mind to wrong the “yellow and black”, however, he emphasized that gave very easily the second penalty for the French.

In the racing data, he stated, initially, that the Marseille she was better overall and especially in the first part, with him Stankovic to make two very good chances. Then, he said that Matias Almeida he communicated properly with his players in the locker room and they showed up in the second half with a different mindset and mindset.

Thus, he underlined that the Union was… another team in the replay and showed that it can get a result. The veteran footballer said that the decisive moment of the match is his red Stankovicwhich, as he pointed out, was his wrong choice, after going blind with his pass to Bithynia.

Finally, he mentioned that AEK can the victory against Marseille in OPAP Arenasaying that in order to secure the third place, he will have to get, at least, one more victory, while he focused on the gains that the Union has from this group, since – as he mentioned – it will not be lost if it is excluded.

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Source: Sport Fm

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