Jovanovic: ‘I am devastated by what has happened – We will eliminate these childhood diseases at all costs’


Clear about it incident between Arao-Mladenovic was the Ivan Jovanovich.

Answering a related question at the press conference after the game with Panserraikos, the Serbian coach he admitted that because of this incident he did not enjoy himself as much as he would like his wide victory Panathinaikou.

So he spoke about “childhood diseases” and unwarranted nerves and emphasized that such phenomena will disappear with any cost.

What Jovanovic said in detail

On the Mladenovic-Arao incident: “It can happen in football, but it shouldn’t happen to us. In a match where the score is 3-0. We have childhood diseases and we will eliminate them at any cost as a team. I don’t know why these nerves exist. For this reason they stayed in the locker room. It wasn’t just the two of them, others could stay in the locker room. It’s something that damages the team’s image. The strange thing is that the result was 3-0. We will work to prevent something like this from happening again in the future.”

For Panathinaikos’ third five-pointer in the championship: “We managed to get ahead quickly. After 2-0 the picture was not good. Maybe the score made us relax. Towards the end of the half we raised our performance and scored another goal. After Panserraikos was left with ten, our task was easier. There were positive things, but the incident spoils me a bit and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I could have enjoyed it.”

For the big score and very good performance: “A team like us should show seriousness, regardless of how things are going. The incident darkened my view of the game. We were moody and serious in general. We have been in good shape lately.

In the 20th minute after the 2-0 we gave Panserraikos the ball and we could have been threatened. I want to say that Panserraikos is a team that is rightfully in this position. She showed how organized she is and how well she can play. It’s a happy note for me in the league.”

Source: Sport Fm

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