Israeli diplomacy summoned the Russian ambassador to express to him the anger of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government over Moscow’s decision to host representatives of the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, following its military arm’s unprecedented attack on Israeli territory on October 7. of 1,400 dead.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry emphasized that it made it clear to Russia’s ambassador, Anatoly Viktorov, that it considers Moscow’s “lack of unequivocal and clear condemnation of the terrorist organization Hamas” to be a very serious matter, its spokesman said.

Hosting representatives of Hamas as guests sends a “message of legitimizing terrorism against Israelis,” he added.

Russian Foreign Ministry diplomats met for talks with Hamas representatives in Moscow on Thursday. In particular, the release of foreign hostages of Hamas and the situation in the Gaza Strip were discussed, according to Russian diplomacy.

The approximately 230 Hamas hostages include Russian citizens.

The removal of Russians and other foreigners from the Gaza Strip was also discussed, always according to Moscow.