Topalidis, Filippou, Hatzigiannis triumphed in Italy


The two-day 28-29 October took place at the beautiful shooting range of Casei Gerola in Pavia the National match of Italy which is also the last one Grand Prix of the year sponsored by Benelli.

This fight is the last test before the Thailand World Cupwhich is why it attracted more than 300 shooters from all over Europe, since the high technical and athletic level it requires is a guarantee for its successful outcome.

The national team, which consisted of Giannis Topalidis, George Filippou and Michalis Hatzigiannisin the Modified category he made an impressive appearance and managed to take the gold metal in the team playing with stability and excellent concentration in all 18 stages of the match, leaving in second place the Czech Republic of Bures, Witt and Schmidt and in third place the host Italy with Sgabato, Bertelli, Baccaro and Martigo.

In the individual of category o Hatzigiannis confirmed that he is in excellent condition and left no room for doubt, completely dominating and taking the gold metalleaving the second place for the Italian Sgabato and the third place for the Czech Bures, while the fourth and fifth places were taken by Topalidis and Filippou with sixth Czech Vit.

Gold conquered at Modified senior The Yannis Topalidis something that acquires special value since it is the third consecutive year that he has achieved such a thing and being the first non-Italian to win gold in two categories, i.e. in Standard in 2021 and 2022 and in Modified in 2023. The podium was shared with him by the Italians Bottici and Zucchelli who took the silver and bronze respectively.

In the Open category, the Poles Tausiewicz and Neviadomski dominated, leaving the Italian Forlano third. In the Standard category, the Italian Potsa was the first, the Finnish Laukia was second and the Ukrainian Kiktenko was third. Finally, in the Standard Manual gold was won by the Finnish Vitala, silver by the Spanish Davide and bronze by the Italian Sartori.

The internationals are hoping for help and support from the Federation to bypass bureaucratic procedures to allow them to prepare smoothly for the World Cup to be held in Thailand from December 4 to 10.

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