Tsorbatzoglou: “Bad weather prevails in PAOK as well – The match against Olympiakos will be in different conditions”


The discomfort that prevails in the ranks of PAOK after the poor performance and the defeat by AEK in New Philadelphia was mentioned by Dimitris Tsorbatzoglou carrying the report of the “two-headed of the north” on News Bulletin 247.

The reporter of the station emphasized that the grumbling that exists in the “black and white” camp is justified, however an attempt is being made to analyze and investigate the causes of the image: “Big bad weather for PAOK after New Philadelphia. The existing grumbling is justified. A lot of effort goes into analysis and explanation. There is a regular issue with the fighting in the matches with AEK. The team got confused.”

Then Dimitris Tsorbatzoglou quoted the data regarding Razvan Lucescu’s plans for Faliro and the new derby with Olympiakos: “The match against Olympiakos was under different conditions. It is a question mark, because Olympiacos is not a tested team and it remains unknown how Lucescu will approach the match”.

Finally, he made reference to the cases of Samata and Ekong: “There is dissatisfaction with the image of both. The question is whether Lucescu will continue to trust them or whether it is time to question them. Logically, Thomas will be at the top of the attack.”

Listen to the audio excerpt:

Source: Sport Fm

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