Nicolaidis: “The problem for AEK is that they don’t score – I’m satisfied because I see them creating phases”


In the gela of AEK against Kifissia mentioned the Demis Nikolaidis on his Nova show, ‘Monday FC’.

The veteran ace stood at ineffectiveness of the “double-headed”, explaining that it is a problem for AEK that it rushes to finish its phases and therefore does not score. Adding, however, that for his part he is satisfied because he sees the “yellow and black” to they make opportunities.

AEK should win. Kifissia held out until late. She was intense in marking and competitive. Congratulations to Yannis Anastasiou. AEK had enough chances, they deserved to win, but AEK is struggling to score goals, despite the fact that they make a lot of phases. In the end the players might have too given that they will win. Kifisia was tired, but found the mental strength, while AEK did not stop creating opportunities. Eliasson was too good, reminds Eliasson before his injury. Galanopoulos was good, Pineda from the moment he came in too. AEK’s problem is that they can create chances, but they struggle to score goals.

The first thing I judge a team is if they create the conditions for goals. He did it with Kifisia. Overall in the league it is a problem for AEK not to score. Rushes to make attacks, ends them very quickly. He can’t wait to turn the ball over. He creates phases, but in some matches it happens that the goal doesn’t go in. I like what I see. I am satisfied because I see AEK making phases.

If I have to find a negative in a draw it’s that he conceded the goal playing a stopper by choice. I’m with Almeida, but at some point you pay for it. Vida could play. When a cross is made, the ball must not fall to the ground and it fell. AEK conceded the goal, but had to score three».

From there, he also referred to AEK’s major complaints from arbitration decisions.

He found, he didn’t find, you don’t give a hand at this stage. I have not understood if the Kifisia player finds Levia. If he finds his feet first and then the ball I can’t tell, so I don’t have an opinion. I heard that KED is subpoenaing the refs so I’ll go with that side because they’ll have more plans».

Source: Sport Fm

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