Nikologiannis: “This is what Jovanovic is working on before Rennes – From today, people in France”


About the course of Panathinaikos’ preparations ahead of Rennes, what Ivan Jovanovic is working with his players, and also the massive presence of the “clover” world in France, spoke Tasos Nikologiannis on News Bulletin 247.

To prepare for Rennes:The team in Greece finished their preparation with a big focus on tactics ahead of Rennes. Jovanovic shows the players some things and in particular what did not go well mainly in the defensive part in the match against Lamia, but also in the first match against Rennes. He wants another person. The goal is victory. With a win there are chances for first place, with a draw he will have more chances for second place».

For the possible line-up:Many changes will not be made. Maybe we’ll see the same defense, maybe Bernard instead of Djuricic or both together. Ioannidis in the forward position and Palasios on the right. This is the estimate. I believe he will use Arao again in midfield. I remind you that Verbic has not been declared on the European list».

On what Panathinaikos should do:The first thing he needs to do is be efficient in his chances. The second is that the inhibitory function is much better and that everyone has 100% concentration. To take duels and to take second balls. Wren will try to come in strong and set the pace of the game. Panathinaikos must resist what Ren did to him in Leoforo, let him do it now».

For the world that will be in France:Many friends of Panathinaikos are already in France. It will have 1500 fans and if PAE could get more tickets it would give them away. Some are in Paris from today. Reinforcement will be important for the team’s effort».

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Source: Sport Fm

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