The reason there won’t be a single NBA game tonight


Many have wondered why there is not a single game scheduled for his league NBAfrom the evening of Tuesday 7/11 until the early hours of Thursday 9/11.

It’s reasonable to wonder, given that the action rarely stops in the world’s premier basketball league, with regular season games one after the other. However, this year’s season, which began on October 24 last year, will be its first vacationbecause of mid-term elections taking place on Wednesday 8/11 in the US.

American citizens are urged to go to the polls, and the NBA has decided (with the agreement of all teams in the League) that there will be no games during the election, with the aim of to urge people to exercise their right to vote.

For some time (after the open conflict of many players with the Trump administration and the strong reactions to the murders of African-American citizens by police officers, with George Floyd as a typical example), the Players Association of the NBA has officially promised to try as much as possible to raise awareness about the policy.

It should be noted that the only days on which there will be no action for this season in the NBA are Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and the day of the NCAA Finals.

The action in the NBA will continue on Thursday morningwhen 28 of the 30 league teams will return to action.

Source: Sport Fm

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