Olympiakos u19 is looking for a qualification step in Kampala


Great match for Olympiakos u19! His team Sotiris Sylaidopoulou hosted at Gabala City Stadium by Kampala (14:00) for the first match between them for the second phase of the competition’s Domestic Champions Path UEFA Youth League.

The “red and white” come from the huge qualification on it Leche in the previous round, leaving the Italian champions out of contention with two wins with a score of 3-1 in Greece and Italy. They are looking at Azerbaijan the result that will bring them closer to the next phase, giving the rematch in a week to Rentis.

“The only way to continue playing these types of games is to approach each game in this competition with the same level of seriousness and concentration that we had in the previous games against Lecce. For us, it doesn’t change who the opponent will be, we want to stay true to the plan and the playing philosophy we have as a team and that’s what we will do in the game against Kabala”the Piraeus coach said in his statements, Sotiris Sylaidopoulos.

For his part, the leader of the Olympiakos Youth, Thanos Koutsogoulasin his statement ahead of the match against Kampala, stressed: “The Youth League for us is an important event, it is the equivalent of the Champions League for the youth and we feel happy to be able to play in such matches. Of course the most important thing is that we have the opportunity to represent the biggest team in Greece, Olympiakos, and we must have high standards of performance in our course in the competition.

All this time we have been doing a good job at Rentis and I think we are well prepared for Wednesday’s game against Kampala. Our goal is to make a similar appearance as in the matches in Lecce, matches in which we were able to get the qualification to be here now”.

Olympiakos mission in detail: Sina, Exarchos, Panagakos, K. Kostoulas, Papakanellos, Tanoulis, Koutsogoulas, Prekates, Pneumonidis, Darviras, Koutsidis, Mouzakitis, Christou, Pleionis, Dama, Alafakis, Bakulas, Liatsikouras, Ch. Kostoulas, Ligadas, Kouraklis.

THE Kabbalah for her part, she found it dark in the last round, after being called to face the Puskas Academy. In the first game, where they hosted the Hungarians, the result was a draw with a score of 1-1, but in the second leg the Azerbaijanis managed to get the away victory (0-1) and with it the qualification ticket.

From the team of the 43-year-old, Emin Imamaliev, the goalkeeper, Khusanov, the stopper Mamiyev and the striker Suleimanov stand out.

Source: Sport Fm

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