Almeida: “So many changes of opinion in a few days, it’s really tiring – Let’s enter differently compared to the Velodrome”


In the criticism that directly depends on the result and therefore differs from game to game, stood the Matias Almeida in his statements ahead of AEK’s match against Marseille on Thursday night (9/11, 10:00 p.m.).

The “Union” coach spoke of a tiring situation, while he then referred to the approach his team wants to have against the Marseilles.

In detail, Matias Almeida spoke to Cosmote TV about:

-how is AEK mentally after losing points against Kifissia:I believe that sometimes you can play well and sometimes you can’t play so well. We were not happy in the previous game, but we did everything necessary to win it. One goal, in my opinion, cannot change the picture of whether we are good or not mentally. Neither for nor against. What I think is that the way the game was going, we should have won it. Then there may be mistakes, there may be my own mistakes. It’s part of that job».

-whether the game against Marseille is “final”:It’s another group game. A game of the group, in which we have to find our own football again, something that we could not develop against them in the previous match. We need to be at our best, but we also all need to know very well who we are playing against. We always come back to the same thing: it is important in life to have memory.

When the group was drawn, everyone called it a very difficult group. Then when we won a game, everyone said we were the best. Then we had a draw and doubts arose. And then we lost and in theory we couldn’t beat anyone anymore. What everyone wants only hits, is something that really kills the world. I always work in the same way and for the same goal. Now comes a time when it really starts to get tiring: so many changes of opinion in so few days, it really gets tiring. This AEK, today’s AEK participates in the Greek league and is very few points away from the top. This AEK participates in the Europa League and is very close to the top. This AEK recently won two titles. What do we want? We will continue to work to always be competitive. Now, let’s not look for problems where there aren’t any. But let’s always look for solutions».

-whether he is expecting a game that is different in terms of tactics compared to the Velodrome match:Completely different. We played badly in the first half in France. So the way we enter the pitch will have to be completely different. Against this opponent we played well for ten, fifteen minutes in the second half. Then when our goalkeeper was sent off, the game changed and the opponent made the difference».

Source: Sport Fm

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