Panathinaikos paid dearly for his mistakes and was defeated by Rennes


THE Panathinaikos made many mistakes, which Wren he did not let them go to waste, defeating him with 3-1 at “Roswan Park”, as part of the 4th matchday of the 6th group of this year’s Europa League.

The French took the lead in the 9th minute, with Brignoli’s “jelly” in his direct free kick Reederwhile they were not deterred even by his equalizer Ioannidis with a penalty in the 34th minute, but not from his dismissal either Belosian with a direct red card, in the same phase.

On the contrary, they were the ones who found two more goals, within a span of five minutes, with him Salah in 65′ and Blah from the white bullet, in the 70th minute, as the “clover” could not take advantage of its numerical advantage and especially in the second half it was bad.

So Ren reached them 9 points, remained at the top of the group and next matchday they play Maccabi Haifa away from home. At the same time, Panathinaikos dropped to third place of the standings, staying at 4 points and will face Villarreal, now second with 6 points, in the city of the same name, on 30/11.

In the minds of the coaches:

THE Wren lined up in formation 4-4-2, Guyon in goal and Douet, Voux, Belosian and Teat four at the back. Matic and Burizo were the “cutters”, with Terrier-Le Fe competing on the “wings” and Kalimuendo-Rider making up the duo in attack.

THE Panathinaikos on the other hand it “went down” with a system 4-3-3 and Birignoli under the goalposts. Vaiannidis, Senkefeld, Jedvaj and Mladenovic formed the four in defense and Ruben, Cerin and Vilena the three midfielders in the axis. With Palasios and Bernard at the two ends of the attack and Ioannidis at the top.

The match:

Panathinaikos entered with a desire to press Rennes high, bringing out tension in the duels and covering the spaces properly, as a result of which their opponent has a slight superiority in terms of possession, but… that’s it.

Unfortunately, however, for the “clover” he found himself back on the scoreboard very early on, only in the 9th minute. As from a needless Mladenovic foul in a good spot and Reeder’s direct execution from 25 meters, the ball burst in front of Brignoli, passed through his hands and under his feet, for the French team 1-0!

From there on, Panathinaikos managed not to be in danger at any other point while he himself… showed pulse, with Ioannidis making the spinning header, sending the ball narrowly wide in the 12th minute.

Of course, not even he could become a threat to the opposing defense, even though he was pressuring his opponent, as… he lacked something in the last third of the field.

All this, until the 31st minute, in which the visitors managed to score… two to one. With Ioannidis winning a penalty and sending off Belosian, thanks to the intervention of VAR, executing it with too much composure a little later and equalizing at 1-1, in the 34th minute!

Rennes made their presence felt in the frames of Brignoli in the 39th minute, with Bourisot’s shot from the height of the area going over the bar.

In the second half, Ivan Jovanovic brought on Djuricic for Cerin, making his team even more aggressive and showing his intentions. With Palasios playing on the right, Bernard on the left and the newcomer behind Ioannidis, now.

Ren, however, closed down effectively, keeping their lines close and not allowing Panathinaikos to create any danger for her, even though he tried to hit her from both ends, but… to no avail.

In fact, Bruno Genesio made a triple intervention in the match, in the 63′ and… two minutes later he was vindicated, as Blas and Salah participated in the phase that was supposed to bring the 2-1 in favor of his team, from the second!

With the momentum of hers and the “greens” looking… lost, there came another “hit” that made them, within five minutes.

After the – very bad today – Vilena overthrew the – overall leader of the field – Matic in the 67′ and Blas with a very good execution from the white ball succeeded in the 70′ 3-1!

Sporar’s entry made Panathinaikos a full-forward in the final stretch of the match, with the Slovenian striker recording the only notable phase of his team.

In the 85th minute, after the quick exchange of the ball by Aitor and Ioannidis, with Sporar becoming the recipient, he shoots from a good position, but misses…

MVP: THE Ibrahim Salah he was the one who entered the game in the 63rd minute and two minutes later managed to vindicate his manager, making it 2-1 and giving the French team the lead, which they kept until the end. At the same time, he also starred in another good phase, in the 83rd minute he was very active.

the “whistle”: The Scot did not have a difficult task Columbusalthough in the case of Ioannidis’ penalty it took VAR’s hint. The awarding of the penalty in favor of Rennes is also correct, as well as the expulsion of Belosyan, while it did not shape the result in any way.

The compositions of the two teams:

Wren (Bruno Genesio): Guyon, Douet, Vaux, Belosian, Teat, Bourizeau (63′ Blas), Matic (90’+3′ Assignon), Terrier (63′ Salah), Le Fe, Calimuendo (35′ Truffaut), Rieder (63′ Santamaria ).

They stayed on the bench: Leber, Batola, Guiry, Omari, Due, Zaouab, Nazida.

Panathinaikos (Ivan Jovanovic): Brignoli, Vagiannidis (79′ Sporar), Senkefeld, Jedvaj, Mladenovic, Ruben (79′ Arao), Cerin (46′ Djuricic), Vilena, Palacios (72′ Mancini), Bernard (72′ Aitor), Ioannidis.

They stayed on the bench: Lodgin, Xenopoulos, Kotsiras, Sideras, Prodromitis, Bilal.

Referee: William Collum (Scotland).

Assistants: Francis Connor, David McGeachy (Scotland).

4th referee: David Dickinson (Scotland).

VAR: Kevin Clancy (Scotland).

AVAR: Nicholas Walsh (Scotland).

See here the description of the match from the Match Centre

Source: Sport Fm

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