Historical record from Vildosa to Panathinaikos


Record steals in his history Panathinaikou in the professional league (from 1992/93 onwards) did o Luka Vildosa. In the victory over Aris (65-75), in the 1,066th game of the “greens” in the Stoiximan Basket League, the Argentine became their first player, making seven steals.

Before that, there were four six-steal performances that the Argentine surpassed:

*Macedonian-Panathinaikos (March 24, 2001): Mikael Koch 6 steals.

*Panathinaikos-Dafni (November 3, 2001): Damir Mulaomerovic 6 steals.

*Prometheus-Panathinaikos (May 1, 2022): Howard Saint-Ross 6 steals.

*Panathinaikos-AEK (December 11, 2022): Paris Lee 6 steals.

At the same time, the seven steals are by far the biggest performance this year. The previous season record was the four accomplished once by Hall, Sanogo, Seibert, Hale, Kamberidis, Gilmore and Kalaitzakis.

This record goes beyond the limits of the season. It was the 22nd time in Stoiximan Basket League history that a player had seven or more steals. The last of them was almost a year ago, on November 5, 2022 when Zois Karabelas had seven steals on the same field, at Nick Galis Hall, as Apollo.

The historical record of the Stoiximan Basket League is shared by James Forrest from the period 2000-01 and o Rowle Marshall since 2010-11, having from nine steals.

Mitoglou in the top 20 of Panathinaikos’ two points

THE Dino Mitoglou he was for one more game one of Panathinaikos’ best players. Through this appearance, he reached some achievements, the most special of which was his entry into the top 20 of the list of Panathinaikos players with the most accurate two-pointers.

The international forward had 4/7 two-pointers against Aris and by reaching 291 with Panathinaikos, he surpassed Stefan Lasme (2012-14 and 2018-19) who had 290, Stratos Perperoglou (2007-12) who also had 290 and reached in the 18th place of the list Vassilis Spanoulis.

At the same time, he reached 500 made two-pointers, in total in his career in the Stoiximan Basket League. Beginning this streak in his rookie season with Aris Midea in 2013-14 with 1/4 2-pointers, Mitoglou is now 292/500 (58.4%).

With the nine rebounds he had in the derby with Aris, he became the 13th in the history of Panathinaikos in the Stoiximan Basket League, who reached 600.

Even on an individual level, Marius Grigonis with his 10 points, he became the 52nd foreigner in their history to reach 300. The Lithuanian made 3/7 three-pointers and thus became the 46th overall in Panathinaikos history to reach 50+.

THE Jerian Grant became the first Panathinaikos player in this year’s Stoiximan Basket League to reach double-digit assists. The American had 10 final passes – surpassing the performance of seven he had in the home game against Lavrios Megabolt – and even with them he reached and exceeded 200 in his 33rd appearance in the Greek Championship. The American guard even posted his 10th overall double-digit assist performance of the season and the third to go with zero fouls. It’s something they did with 12 assists each from London Perantes of Colossus H Hotels in the 2nd and Joe Ragland of Peristeri bwin in the 5th game. Jerian Grant also posted his fourth double-digit assist/error performance of the year at 10/0. Perantes had such a performance twice and Ragland once.

THE Kendrick Nunn debuted in the Stoiximan Basket League but was not productive in it, shooting 0/5 from the field. A similar or even greater performance was achieved eight other times and another Panathinaikos player has a place in this list. It is Luka Vildosa who also had 0/5 shots in the match in Peristeri. Nunn even became the third player this season to miss having at least five field goal attempts. This is what Paul Jorgensen of Colossus H Hotels did against Aris Midea (0/6) and Vangelis Margaritis in yesterday’s PAOK mateco game in Patras (0/5).

At the team level, Panathinaikos with his 13 steals he tied this year’s Stoiximan Basket League record. He had that much against Marousi, as did Peristeri bwin. That put him 15th in defensive steals/interceptions ratio, a feat that a team has matched or surpassed four other times this year. Biggest of all was the one the “greens” had in the derby with Olympiakos (11 steals + 7 interceptions).

Source: Sport Fm

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