“Train” Niki Volou, also cleaned Aeolik – Loss of points for Levadeikos at the headquarters of Makedonikos


Unstoppable Niki Volou, continued her winning streak in Super League 2! The team of Dimitris Eleftheropoulos got their fifth consecutive “three points” in the A group as they prevailed 2-0 against Aeolik and climbed to the 3rd place with 15 points. In fact, Niki Volou “cleaned up” the match from the first twelve minutes as Ribeiro made it 0-1 in just the 6th minute, with the Cretan sealing their victory for the final 2-0 in the 12th minute.

Laughter for Levadeiakos at the headquarters of Makedonikos! The Viotia team was leading 2-0 with goals from Romo in the 26th minute and Tsapra in the 44th minute. However, the hosts made their own counterattack and initially reduced the score with Pirinen’s own goal in the 45th minute, while in the 63rd minute they “cut off” the two points from Levadeiakos with Simoni equalizing in the final 2-2.

The bad course of Hercules continues! The “old man” after the defeat by Niki Volou in the previous matchday, was also defeated for the 9th matchday, this time by Apollon Pontou with a score of 1-0 in Kautanzoglio with the goal of Kalogeris in the 78th minute.

The results of the 9th game

A Group

Wednesday 11/15

Herakles-Apollon Pontou 0-1

Aeolikos-Niki Volos 0-2

Macedonian-Levadian 2-2

Kozani-PAOK B (Postponed)

AEK B-Kampaniakos (Postponed)

Day off: Regeneration of Karditsa, AEL

B’ Group

Saturday 25/11

Ionian-Panathenaikos B

Sunday 26/11

Olympiacos B-Kalamata


Panachaiki-Diagoras of Rhodes


Athens Kallithea FC-Tilikratis

The next (10th) competition week

A Group

Sunday 11/19

AEK B-Kozani (Postponed)


Apollon Pontou-Aeolikos

Regeneration of Karditsa-Levadiakos

Monday 20/11

Victory of Volos-Macedonian

Day off: AEL, PAOK B

Source: Sport Fm

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