Kominis for PAOK-AEK in 2018: “The goal is offside, who cancels it here? – I lived under a regime of fear”


THE George Kominis he was undoubtedly one of its central figures PAOK-AEK in 2018, with the infamous Varela phase. It is a phase, if nothing else, that we still discuss to this day, a phase that is often frequently mentioned by Razvan Lucescu.

Giving an interview to Betaradesthe former referee, who officiated that episodic match, stated that in the goal scored by Varela, Mauricio is offside and affects the situationwhile he stated that they even threatened him about his family to count the goal, but also how he lived under the regime of fear!

Among other things he said:

Mouse has it, it’s offside, but how do we cancel it in here. It has been said when I go to him. The assistant leaves, all good, goal. I’m looking at Varela, don’t take off any shirt. I see after the assistant that it has stopped, with AEK players. The assistant says to me, “George, come here”. Going there, he tells me “Mauricio is offside”. “Why are you leaving?” I say to him. He tells me “I’m gone, now what do we do?” It tells me “The goal is offside, but how do I disallow it in here?”. Who cancels it in here, Kominis? We laugh now, but it’s a game that has haunted my career.

The match up until then had gone well. At 10?’ I have four yellows, the players have become girls. The game is on. This moment is coming, and the curse is that before every game we have a meeting. We know that Matos plays with his hands, Bakasetas falls easily, Mandalos talks. Plus some phases that need attention. She was one such. I told the assistants about offsides, in case you don’t have an opinion, I want you to tell me right away if it affects the phase. We want the answer directly. I will automatically understand that Mauricio is offside. This is the directive from UEFA.

It was offside, for me it affects the goalkeeper. He moves towards the ball. He has not gone past Barca. Mauricio’s leg is in the same straight line. It affects, that’s what UEFA says. He tries to play the ball. I think he’s trying to be a heel, he’s Brazilian, he’s art. For me it’s offside. This was the decision of the then KED of Mr. Pereira. They told me it’s offside. This is how UEFA wants it».

And he continued:This is the thing that has upset me. I was alienated… They told me “Comini, take care of your pregnant wife now”. And you say “who said that” and a thousand messages that had arrived on the mobile phone. To see the police disaffected. You know what your talking about too. ”What do you want my child? 1-0, OK, take it and go”.

I had realized what had happened… I was under such psychological pressure. The other tells you what we will do to your wife. After this match I had the Security, I had the police. I had told the police commander that people were following my wife to the supermarket 8 months pregnant. The commander ordered a 24-hour police presence. To inform them about everything. I had given signs, I had described people who were following me, arrests were made. I lived under a regime of fear».

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