The NBA forced LaMelo Ball to cover the tattoo on his neck!


In an admittedly special and controversial move he made NBA regarding one LaMelo Ball tattoo!

In particular, the top league of the planet imposed on their superstar Charlotte Hornets to hide during matches the tattoo he has on his neck, under his left ear, even covering it with a sticker!

The 22-year-old guard has “hit” on that point letters “LF”, which are the initials of their middle name (LaFrance). However, not long ago, the young ace opened his own clothing company under the brand name ‘LF’ and according to NBA regulations, this particular tattoo is now a product advertisement!

In fact, the representative of the NBA, Tim Frankaddressed this issue, explaining the league’s position in detail:

“Under the collective bargaining agreement, players are prohibited from displaying commercial logos or corporate insignia on their bodies or in their hair during games. We try to enforce the rule reasonably, in accordance with its purpose and taking into account players’ efforts to express themselves in a non-commercial way. But the tattoo on LaMelo Ball’s neck clearly violates the rule, and therefore he must cover it up.”

Source: Sport Fm

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