Tatsis: “If Panachaki were strong, they would be ashamed not to give us such a penalty”


THE Yannis Tatsis after her draw Panachaikis by Tilycratis of Lefkada (2-2) stood on the penalty demanded by his team, while afterwards he sent his own message to the world.

His statements in detail:

“I am very demanding. I want something more. We need to fix some things, like the mentality we go into away games. We have to adapt. In the first half we didn’t adapt. I was thinking of making changes from 20; of the race. A point or points wherever and whoever we play. We have no room.”

For the phase where Panachaki is protesting for a penalty: “It’s a penalty. What can we say; The ball clearly found its way into the hands of the Tilykratis player. If Panachaiki were strong, she would be ashamed not to give it. As in Ilioupoli. Now, they treat her differently. But let’s build the team first.”

For the changes that brought a change of image: “I keep the positives and I also keep the negatives we had. We will fix them. Until December comes and we strengthen ourselves with some children”.

For the message it sends to the world: “I’m telling you again. A point or points wherever and whoever we play. Either you play with the leader, or with a weaker team. Work, patience and support from the people who are already with us and support us. There are others we want with us.”

Source: Sport Fm

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