AEK: Punishment (suspended) by UEFA by closing the northern part of the OPAP Arena for one game day!


UEFA imposed a heavy penalty on AEK for the behavior of its friends in the match against it Marseille.

Specifically, the “Union” was punished with closure of the north wing of the OPAP Arena (gates 18-25)that is, of the horseshoe of the organized, for one matchday. The penalty is with suspension for two years. Which means that with the first relevant offense within this interval, the punishment will also be activated.

Therefore, the misdemeanors that brought the punishment to AEK concerned smoke generators, strobe fireworks and closed corridors, which are obviously prohibited and for which the “yellow and black” PAE had strongly warned in the past. Thus, from now on, repetition of relevant violations – even with a smoke agent – means closing the stadium for one matchday and then there will be a risk of relapse.

At the same time, the “two-headed” was punished with a fine of 76 thousand euros, an amount that is added to the previous 82 thousand euros. “Little by little we will play and get points to pay the fines“, the “yellow and black” comment on this.

It should be noted that this time, the disciplinary referral of AEK was not examined by the first instance body. Instead he went directly to secondary, a sign of seriousness.

Source: Sport Fm

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