Sikma: “I always wanted to play for Olympiakos, I fit very well here”


Luke Sikma was mentioned in the past and present and appeared very happy to be playing for Olympiakos.

Details of what he said on the ERT show “Jambol”.

For his absence due to injury and his return:I’ve been out for a long time, it’s not something I’m used to. It was difficult, but I stayed patient until I got back healthy and got on the field with the rest of the team. Now I’m trying to find my rhythm again. Every match helps me not to feel uncomfortable on the floor.

After six years in the Bundesliga and Alba, I bring experience and flexibility to the pitch. My goal is always for the team to win. For me, this has always been number one. Win no matter what. This is my biggest asset. I grew up playing guard and despite my height, I still have the qualities of a guard and try to use them.

I am currently playing for Olympiakos. My mind is here 100% and I want to do everything for my team to win. I want to be in the present and now I am in Greece. I’m happy to play in a great team like Olympiacos, that’s what counts now».

On the fact that he was captain at Alba and whether it was an honor for him:Yes, it was an honor. I took it seriously. I performed my duties quite well. I’m proud of what I did, but like I said now I’m at Olympiakos, I’m more than excited to be here in a team with such a long history».

On whether he immediately accepted Olympiakos’ offer in the summer:Yes, it was quite an easy decision for me. I think I fit in very well here. It was a place I always wanted to play one day. Things went exactly as I hoped! There are a lot of team players here, who like to pass the ball, who like to share the ball and make a lot of moves in attack. I fit in here».

Source: Sport Fm

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