AEL: “Any change in the date of the match against Levadeiakos means an unprecedented alteration of the championship”


She appeared completely negative AEL for changing the date of the match with Leviathan.

His team Pavlos Dermitzakis issued a statement addressed to its president Super League 2emphasizing that if the match takes place on another day then this means unprecedented championship alteration.

The announcement in detail:

“Today at 1:20 p.m. we were sent a request by PAE Levadeakos via email to change the date of the championship match that was set for Sunday 26/11 at 3:00 p.m.

The excuse of PAE Levadeiakos is that the Municipality of Livadeia will carry out maintenance work on the recently installed turf of the field as the consecutive matches that took place on 05/11, 08/11, 12/11 and the one that will take place on Wednesday 22/11 make it necessary carrying out its maintenance work.

However, they forgot to mention that between 12/11 and Wednesday 22/11 they had 10 days to carry out such important turf work as Levadeiakos played away from home for two consecutive games.

PAE AEL immediately with the reply letter to the board of SL2 did not agree to the change of the above match from Sunday to Monday, as this request is a clear method based on the known practices of some actors whose aim is to alter the final result .

It goes without saying that the scoring importance of this match will be very important if not decisive for the outcome of the championship.

It is obvious that PAE AEL is warning the SL2 board through the letter, that a possible change of the originally set date of the specific match, will mean an unprecedented consent to the alteration of the championship by the organizer.

And while in addition it is known all over Greece since last week that on Monday 27/11 the award ceremony for PSAPP coaches and players takes place, in which 5 executives of PAE AEL participate, you chose in your indescribable zeal in favor of Levadeaikos, to discredit the institution of the people who make the sport viable and their union body, even though you have today received a letter of protest about your said unacceptable behavior from the PSAPP as well.

What is your concern, Mr. Martsouko, for changing the date of the game in question?

Are you enlisted in the interests of Levadeakios?

Everything that is taking place at this moment is unprecedented as a calendar game change is never made without the consent of the opponents.

The above makes Mr. Martsoukos accountable for his actions and an absolute ally and servant of the interests of PAE Levadeiakos.

The practice of “we decide and order” that the uneducated Mr. Martsoukos introduces has been discredited by the entire civilized world since time immemorial and is not consistent with “fair competition”.

We wonder how you showed so much zeal to change the date of the said match and announced this change without even considering our response.

Mr. Martsoukos and the board, impose in every way and from the beginning of the championship the facilitation of PAE Levadeiakos, while their performance on all serious and institutional issues, concerning the participating PAE organization, is zero as the incompetence is diffuse.

PAE AEL condemns these decisions and for a long time has been sounding the alarm to the Super League 2 Administration for its misguided actions, but mainly for its inaction on burning issues of the division which makes it useless and above all disreputable in matters such as television (ERT), bonus of last season’s television rights, betting percentage (state subsidy), other sponsors and in this way the Bureau and the Board of Directors. of Super League 2 becomes a member of the troika of dark interests whose purpose is the non-development of football and the division.

PAE AEL will also take legal action against this abusive decision, both against SL2 President Petros Marchoukos, and anyone else who tries in any way to create a serious problem for our team and degrade our effort to upgrade the category.

At the next SL2 meeting (whenever you set it) our group will file a motion of impeachment against the President and make a legal claim that he is entitled.

We call on you even at the last moment to change your decision without making yourself a docile instrument of the dark paracenters.

Source: Sport Fm

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