The coach of the podium: “Kerveros” Vatslik, Masouras finished it


Olympiakos was mediocre to bad against Ionikos, but prevailed 3-0 in Naples and returned to away victories, remaining at a safe distance from its pursuers.

The key points in detail through the coach of the podium

* Very good Ionian, efficient Olympiacos: Before the cross, a game was expected with Piraeus having the initiative of the moves and the hosts being more passive. As is usually the case when a strong opponent opposes a much weaker one. However, the film of the match was different in the first part. THE Ionic had more finals and clearer chances, with Dalsio, Osman and Lennis creating cracks in the “red and white” defense, but they fell into a wall. That is, him Watslik. Of course, they are also responsible, with a clearer case that of Lenis, who had the space and time for a better finish in 14 ‘. On the opposite bank, Olympiacos threatened little, as in addition to the goal of Agibu Kamara had a very good opportunity with Tikinios. Nothing else. However, they were effective and “cut” the legs of the hosts.

* Vatslik cut, Masouras sewed: The victory of Olympiacos undoubtedly has two protagonists. The first and most decisive was the Czech goalkeeper, who kept Piraeus upright in their bad half. He made all five finals he accepted, with all three being very good operations. Two tet-a-tet, by Lenis (14 ‘) and Mantzi (44’), but also a slide by Dalsio (33 ‘). Agibu Kamara opens the scoring in the 23rd minute and although it is a goal, all the money is Vatslik’s performance. The second protagonist is Masouras, who “locks” the double in four minutes. Wins the penalty from Romao, which is scored by Ticino in 55 ‘, while in 58’ with great shot with the left ρίζει whistles the end.

* Olympiacos was “playing”: Definitely, the image of Olympiakos defensively should concern Pedro Martins. Piraeus “ate” several phases in the first part, with Ionikos to them “Pierces” with vertical balls. This time he did not play with such an empty center as in the first part of Toumba, but they had suspensive issues. In order to “tie” in the midfield, they needed his entry again Andrea Bouchalaki. From then on, they stopped threatening. All this against a team, which is usually quite tight and does not have so many classic opportunities not in one half, but in the whole game.

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Source: Sport-fm

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