Zervas: “Petrushev is coming until Wednesday – Addition for many years”

Zervas: “Petrushev is coming until Wednesday – Addition for many years”

THE Olympic counts down to welcome him to Athens Philip Petrushev and Nikos Zervas gave through him News Bulletin 247 the whole report.

Petrusev will come tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. He will sign until 2026, closed contract until 2025 and with an option for the last year. He will get to know the team and gradually join the squad. He is a very quality addition to the front line of Olympiakos, a 5-4 with different elements from the existing tall ones, with the prospect of development and experience from the Euroleague. It is an addition not just for this year, but for many years“, he emphasized.

Such a quality mid-season addition has been years in the making, perhaps since Acey Law in 2011/12. He is a kid who shoots well from long range and has very good movement off the ball. He is not athletically tall, but he has a lot of quality and knows basketball. I think that with this addition, together with Mitrou-Long, Olympiacos has solutions everywhere and lacks nothing“, he added.

As for how Giorgos Bartzokas will now manage the nine foreigners on the roster? “It is a matter that there are now nine foreigners and in the playoffs you will declare seven of which six will play. It’s a headache for Barzokas, especially if they’re all healthy. The first feeling is that Sikma will be cut, and then we’ll see. In the Euroleague, however, where there is no restriction, Olympiacos is getting very strong. Unfortunately, there aren’t many high-level Greek kids available and that’s why Olympiacos resorted to this option».

Source: Sport Fm

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