Jovanovic: “Ioannidis will not leave, he is the future of Panathinaikos and Greece”!


On his eve Fotis Ioannidis in Panathinaikos, he announced in a delightful way the Ivan Jovanovich!

At the finale of the 42nd celebration of PSAPP and after the awarding of the striker of the “clover” – who is attracting a lot of interest from abroad with his great performances – as the best Greek footballer of the 2022-23 season, the experienced technician took the floor.

So, after praising his player, he referred to one of the presenters of the evening, Demi Nikolaidis. Specifically, he addressed the veteran forward’s questions to the AEK coach, Matias Almeida and the “Union” midfielder, Orbelin Pinedawho were also awarded, but also to the one he did to his own player (s.b. regarding which foreign league he would like to compete in, since, as he added, he will leave at some point), stressing that Ioannidis he will not leave Panathinaikos and how is it the future of both his team and Greek football.

First of all, congratulations to those who were awarded today. It was an amazing evening indeed, with people who spoke. I am impressed. Congratulations to everybody. It was logical, he deserved it, it was a whole year’s worth of work. For my part, I also want to agree with Fotis. To congratulate the parents of Fotis, for the principles, for how they raised this child and to say something to Demis.

When Mr. Almeida was on top, he gave way to Athens, to Pinedas “fighting” for the positions he was better at. And when Fotis came, he said to him “you will leave”. Fotis will not leave, he will be with us. It is the future of Panathinaikos and Greek football“, said the technician of the “greens”.

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