Brown on Wezenkov: “Ginobili wasn’t starting in the top five for at least a year”


For Sasha Vezenkov and the time of his participation in Kings spoke in a characteristic way o Mike Brown.

On the occasion of the good performance of the Bulgarian in the victory over the Warriorsthe coach of the Sacramento team cited his example Manu Ginobili (with whom he co-existed at the Spurs, being then on Gregg Popovich’s staff).

So he mentioned specifically:

“It’s part of her process. I have already spoken to him about it. I had the pleasure, luck, whatever you want to call it, to be able to coach a player who was very good in Europe, Manu Ginobili.

He came to the NBA, approx at the same age with Sasha, 26-27 years old and had done quite a good job in Europe. It was star for a very good team at the time and when he came here initially we tried to start him five but it didn’t work this.

Then we took him to the counter, then he had some DNP before becoming the player coming off the bench that first year. He didn’t start five for us in San Antonio for at least one year. And it’s an adjustment for a player, but also for the coaching staff. To understand exactly where it is and how it can help the team to the maximum extent.

I just told Sasha that I know how he can play, that he has good sense of the game, that he can shoot. There will never be a time when I tell you that you took a bad shot, because you are one of them good shooters out there, you just have to shoot the ball.

If you’re not playing, you’ve been through more difficult situations from it, whenever you have to keep your mind in the game and stay ready and when it’s your turn, I’m sure you will be productive. That’s what happened tonight.”

Source: Sport Fm

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