New instructions for PAOK fans who will be in Frankfurt


News instructions to his fans who will be in the match with Eintracht he gave PAOK.

Due to the difficult weather conditions in Frankfurtthe plan for the arrival of guests to “Deutsche Bank Park”.

So the “two-headed man of the North” proceeded to a relative update which states:

“Changes have been sent from the Eintracht side to the times of assembly and transfer to the stadium of the friends of Dikefalo in Germany.

The weather conditions will be difficult in Frankfurt on the day of the match, so it has been decided that the stadium gates will open at 19:00.

Friends of Dikephalos who will not travel by train from the meeting point, are requested to be at the stadium as early as possible, for their smooth and timely entrance to the stands.

The meeting point is O’Reilly’s Irish Pub (Am Hauptbahnhof 4, 60329 Frankfurt am Main), next to the Central Train Station.

Friends of Dikephalos are asked to be there at 17:30 in order to depart by train, escorted by the German police, to Deutsche Bank Park.

Fans without a ticket should not approach the stadium as German police will be conducting pre-checks.

We remind you that the following are prohibited inside Deutsche Bank Park:

-The possession and use of sparklers.

– Helmets and umbrellas.

-Any object that can hide someone’s face (scarves, full face).

-Knives, weapons and objects that can cause physical harm.

– Banners and flags with racist or political content.

– Banners and flags longer than two meters and poles for the banners.


-Laser devices.

-Alcohol and any glass or aluminum packaging.

-Backpacks, bags and suitcases.

-Drums, horns.

After the match, PAOK fans will have to wait for a while in the special Ostkurve area, outside gates 19-21 of the stadium. There will be open shops with water and food, as well as toilets. After the necessary time has passed, they will be escorted by the German police to their means of transport.

PAOK fans are requested to comply with the measures of the German authorities, in order to avoid any risk of punishment of the team or possible legal actions against them. The authorities in Germany are particularly strict and show zero tolerance for offenders.”

Source: Sport Fm

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