Besiktas blames a Fener official for the incidents!


A loss is made from Saturday night in Turkey, as the derby between them Besiktas with the Lantern scarred by an object falling on him Yam Madar.

The match in question apparently also has a third half, with Fener making a statement through which he emphasized that the Serbian guard suffered a partial loss of vision due to the incident.

On the other hand, Besiktas she also took a position on the incident, commenting that it is reprehensible, however, and inextricably linked to the provocative behavior of an official Lanternwho caused all the tension.

Besiktas’ announcement in detail:

“Our Besiktas team, who emerged victorious from last night’s derby match in the league, has filled our Club and our community with joy. The atmosphere created by more than 15,000 fans at the Sinan Erdem Sports Hall once again showed the passion of Besiktas fans for their sport and team and won everyone’s appreciation.

In the first half of the match there were incidents on the pitch, which we have never condoned, resulting in a player from the opposing team being hit by a foreign object. This is unacceptable behavior for us and we do not condone it. We wish Yam Madar, who was unfortunately injured, a speedy recovery.

However, the following points should not be ignored:

An official from the opposing team came to the seats we had secured for him, wearing his own team shirt, contrary to instructions, and drew the attention of our fans to him. Then from the sidelines he tried to provoke our fans by exaggerating his protests to the referees in the minutes when our team had the momentum, thus causing unwanted incidents. The challenging behavior of the opposing manager towards our fans, instead of setting an example, led to the injury of the athlete himself.

The fact that this man is trying to overshadow our team’s success and resorting to accusations is a disgrace to the community he represents. We would like to state once again that these incidents are never behaviors that we condone. For the development of Turkish sports and to set an example, we call on the authorities to impose the necessary penalties on those who caused these incidents that we do not approve of.”

Source: Sport Fm

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