The PSAPP condemns the incidents in Volos-Olympiakos and the actions of the police!


THE PSAPP with his statement he condemned everything that took place in the match between Volos and Olympiakos.

In addition, he emphasizes that it was done by the police excessive use of chemicals and the physical integrity and health of players and fans was seriously endangered.

The announcement in detail:

The perverse things that happened in the game Volos – Olympiacos is condemned. Clearly and without asterisks.

It is, however, a common and logical finding that the competent police authoritieswith the repressive measures they took, exceeded the measure.

It is also a common observation that from the fact of the matter excessive use of chemicals by the repressive police forces, the physical integrity and health of professional football players as well as fans was seriously endangered.

We hope and also demand that in a possible subsequent and in any case undesirable corresponding development, the custodians of order will operate with more prudence and balancedefending and ensuring, first and foremost and with the required professionalism, the health of working footballers as well as ordinary citizens.

The image of them seeking refuge unable to breathedoes not match the sport and society we want.

Source: Sport Fm

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