Olympiacos against EPO: “You are one with the criminals”


A letter in harsh language was sent to the EPO by PAE Olympiacosin the middle of the topic that has been created with the Abstention of refereesahead of the 14th matchday of the Stoiximan Super League.


“Gentlemen of the EPO, once again pretending that you are acting for the good of Greek football and for the refereeing, you are stating that you absolutely agree with the referees’ move and essentially by not appointing referees you are putting a lock on the Championship without even informing the teams about the what’s next and while they’ve already paid for plane tickets and hotels for the weekend.

Instead of informing our teams, you ask us, the teams, to ensure that anonymous phone calls with threats to the referees will not be made! You have taken ridiculousness to another level!

Every threat and every exercise of violence is unacceptable and… better late than never that you raised your voice, because in the incident e.g. of referee Gamaris who burned his business and other much worse incidents in the past there was no such noise!

You say you want the good of the referees and you chose illegally and irregularly by writing on your old shoes the Holistic Study for which the Prime Minister himself agreed with the President of UEFA, a chief referee who has not yet come to Greece and has not seen still the referees and you dare to say that you want their good!

You did the same with the committees and with the CEO election in the Federation!

So since you want their good, you have three ways to really react:

First: Call for a permanent abstention from referees of all categories until the football prosecutor Mr. Spyropoulos withdraws the case with the Interpol match-fixing investigation, which has been bogged down for months, to see how many teams will stay in the Super League and how many in the Super League League 2. We await with interest the action of the Deputy Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Mr. Economou, regarding football. Better late than never in this case too.

Second: Do some research on the referees’ “whereabouts”. And then tell us, does Mr. Papapetrou, favorite child of Giannis “Giannakis” Papadopoulos, who corrupted the championship together with Mr. Gordzilla in Volos, have a moral impediment? Can the half of the income that enters Papapetrou’s house be from his wife who is an executive of SKAI, the owner of Panathinaikos, Yiannis Alafouzou?

Really, when Mr. Alafouzos went to the Justice Department, did he mention these things? Shouldn’t Papapetrou himself and every Papapetrou as an active referee be an obstacle to the games of PAO and its rivals, contenders for the title or even the entire Super League?

If the EPO/KED was not corrupt, it should have already removed Papapetrou and Gorgila from the arbitration boards.

Really, Mr. Alafouzos, who is the first to take a chair in the authorities and Ministries and turns the channels and newspapers around Europe to talk about corruption, what does he have to say about the arbitration in Volos?

If Mr. Alafouzou’s team had such an arbitration by a referee who was obviously rigged and fraudulent and the referee’s wife worked at MEGA, do you realize what would have happened?

Third: Ask the mobsters who first elected you in EPP elections (which is the root of evil) with bravos, threats, beatings and bribes, then planted you in EPO chairs to stop rigging games and elections and stop dirtying football with Baltakus, Martzouks and Mandalus. Fortunately there is evidence for everyone. And about how they chose Baltakos and placed him and how with threats, bribes and a vote of… EPO(!) they elected Martzoukos and about how Mandalos remains the chief referee since the tourist Fiordfeld has not even set foot in Greece, nor has he received place for what’s going on!

So this gang sent Papapetrou and Gorzilla, set up, by deception, to blow up the championship. They didn’t give three penalties in favor of Olympiakos, they canceled a clean goal, they gave a penalty against us after ignoring the foul in our favor that preceded it. For them, for this WORSE and STUPID arbitration, we did not see any statement from anyone!

So let’s say it again: dealing with criminals is the job of the State and the Authorities. And unfortunately we are now convinced that the State is not interested in cleaning up football.

It is the job of football to have rules and to respect laws and regulations. And you at EPO are one with the criminals, that’s exactly why you don’t want rules in football and you’ve never implemented them.”

Source: Sport Fm

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