Fener bowed to Howard’s greatness!


You are great Marcus Howard and… wonderful are your works!

THE Tyler Dorsey put her Fenerbahce into a driving position at the end, but the American guard answered with one three-pointer-bomb with 7.9” to go, giving him the win 80-79 in Baskonia!

Fatal for his team Dimitris Itoudis The Marko Gudurichwho missed a 3-pointer on the exhale.

So the Basques went up to 7-5while on the other hand the Turks retreated to 6-6.

Howard felt… unstoppable at the Buesa Arena, having 28 points, while Mike Kochar also had a very good performance with 15 points. and 10 rebounds. THE Nikos Rogavopoulos he played for 17:18”, having 5 points and 4 rebounds.

From Fener, which did not have the injured man available George Papagiannis, top scorer was Nigel Hayes with 19 points. THE Dorsey had 9p. and You’re in a basket 3 points, with 4 rebounds and 4 assists.

The match

The two teams were together in the first five minutes (8-8). Fenerbahce then hit the … gas and went on a 10-0 (8-18) run, with Howard making up 10-18 of the first period.

With the same pace, Itoudis’ team continued in the second quarter and with Wilbekin leading the way, they went to +15 (16-31), in the 13th minute. However, from that point on, Baskonia launched a terrific counter-attack starring the “hot” Howard for the upset (36-35) and with Miller-McIntyre making the follow-up nail of the year, went to the locker room in front (38 -37).

It was also a great derby at the beginning of the second half, with Fener taking the lead temporarily (46-47), in the 24th minute. Then, Baskonia responded with Kochar and went to +5 (52-47), in the 26th minute. In the final minutes, the Basques kept their lead, but thanks to Hayes, the Turks stayed close (57-55), at the end of the third period.

With Dorsey’s hot start, Fener took the lead (59-60) at the beginning of the fourth quarter, with Baskonia initially responding with a 6-0 run, for the new +5 (65-60) and Marinkovic sending them at +6 (70-64), at 35′. Itoudis’ team countered with Motley and Gudurich for the lead (74-75), in the 38th minute. On 1/2 shots by Kochar, the hosts tied the game (77-77), with Dorsey making it 77-79 with 14.8 minutes to go. Howard hit the 3-pointer and won the foul at 7.9”, missing the shot, but Goodrich missed a 3-pointer in exhalation and Baskonia took the final 80-79 victory!

Howard’s big three-pointer:

The quarters: 10-18, 38-37, 57-55, 80-79

See here the match statistics

Source: Sport Fm

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