Asteras: “We have hit rock bottom – It is necessary to take measures in case there is salvation, if it is not too late…”


A position on the continuous phenomena of violence that takes place in sports is taken by Asteras Tripoliwho has consistently shown that he is opposed to these events and is leading actions against such events.

The Arcadian PAE in its announcement states that “we’ve reached rock bottom” and must put an end to it tolerance, violence, terrorism and murderous attacks.

He emphasizes how “there is nothing left to remind us of what we loved” and concludes by calling on all relevant bodies to take action “even if there is salvation, if it is not too late…”.

The announcement in detail:

Football is and should be full of emotions.

Love, joy, excitement!

In Greek football, however, these feelings have now been replaced in recent years….

Anger, sadness, even terror!

There is no longer anything that reminds us of what we loved! And unfortunately, these phenomena have extended to all sports venues.

They say there is always more below. In this particular case, however, we have already reached the bottom.

There can be no continuation without first having an ending.

No more tolerance!

No more violence!

End terrorism wherever it comes from!

No more murderous blows, which the day before yesterday concerned the opponent, yesterday they concerned our neighbor and today – UNFORTUNATELY – they concern a professional Policeman, to whom we stand by him with all our strength in this difficult battle he is fighting, and which tomorrow will concern us !

It is necessary to take action.

Hard, substantial, effective, but in any case measures that will be implemented BY ALL BODY and will not remain in words.

Will there be any salvation!

If it’s not too late…

Source: Sport Fm

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