Bartzokas: “It was a risk to put Petrusev – There is hatred that manifests itself in fan incidents”


He talked about many issues George Bartzokas at the press conference after victory of Olympiakos against Bayern Munich.

The coach of Piraeus was initially arrested in Christos Buffet on the death of his father and then he referred, among other things, to the result of SEF, to the reason he did not make his debut Petrusev but also in the possibility of postponing all championships after serious injury to a police officer in Rentis.

What he said in detail:

“Let me start by giving my condolences, and from everyone in the team, to Christos Buffet on the loss of his father a while ago.

It was a strange game. We started with the right mindset on both ends of the floor, scoring with good circulation and in transition and had the right defensive attitude. There we believed that the game would be easy and in the end we won without doing anything extraordinary. The match was at 12-15 points, ready to go to 20, but Bayern did not give up.

After two difficult defeats we had against Monaco and Real, I really appreciate this win. Bayern had five straight wins, three straight in the Euroleague. They had a lot of player losses, as did we. It seems to be the week of injuries this year. I wish you all the best at Bayern, congratulations to Lasso. They have a very good roster and I believe they are contenders for the playoffs.

We didn’t play at the same tempo in the other three quarters. We’re trying to get players into the rotation that have been out. There is no other way. There are players who are not in good shape because they have been out for a long time and it is not easy. Our injured, like Milutinov, who will get back to high levels, and McKissick who is hurting us because he was out for three months and needs time to come back. And Gosh is out. It was a risk to put Petrusev in 2-3 training sessions today.

We are good I think, we were not bad against Real and Monaco. All games are closed, none are easy. What matters is winning and moving on.

It’s what each player gives you. My feeling is that Petrusev is at 4 and knows how to pass, play in triangles in 2-2. But he was out for two months, and especially in Sacramento he didn’t even have time for individual training. In his first training sessions here, his body caught up. In general, he is smart, he can play at 5 and it depends on what each opponent gives us. We have five tall very high class, it depends on their adaptation and my instinct whether it is right or wrong.

About the possible postponement of the championships, it is better to talk as soon as something is announced. It is a social and less sports issue, it has to do with education, there is hatred between us. This in sports is manifested by fan incidents in which there have been two deaths recently. To be honest I am positive if it is to protect people’s lives. Those who will decide are responsible for doing so, that is why there are governments and sports is a very important part of the life of the Greeks. My wish is that things continue to happen, that we play but that the games are a celebration and not a field of controversy.

Sikma spent six years in Alba and before that in Valencia. He had an amazing career at Alba. Here he is called upon to step in and have the role that Peters had last year behind Vezenkov. He also had an injury that set him back a bit. I strongly believe in its value. Maybe through the Greek championship he will find a rhythm”.

Source: Sport Fm

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