An increase of 72 places for Gionis in the world ranking list with the 2nd place in the Italian Feeder


Panagiotis Gionis immediately sees in the international evaluation table the great benefit from his excellent course at the World Table Tennis Feeder in Italy, which ended yesterday 12/17 in the city of Biella. In the weekly ranking list number 51 in 2023, announced today 19/12 by the ITTF, the top defender made… a jump of 72 places. Picking up 90 points with his 2nd place in the Italian Open singles has moved him up to world number 124 from 196 last week! It is a development that clearly makes him even stronger in his attempt to qualify for the Olympic Games, as beyond the Pre-Olympic tournament, the places in the world ranking also count. In the same field, most of the Greek athletes, who competed in Italy, had a small or greater “profit”, regardless of whether they were eliminated in the individual qualifiers. For example, Konstantinos Angelakis, who with partner Gionis experienced his greatest distinction with the 2nd place in the men’s doubles, rose 13 places, Yiannis Sgouropoulos 19 and Elisavet Terpou 30.

Gionis came close to perfect in the neighboring country in terms of scoring points as well. The first place gave 125 points, finally after the defeat in the undefeated final with the German Benedikt Duda he got 90, which is also a wonderful score and meets his expectations. Going to number 124 he has a total of 157 points and from the new year he will continue his very difficult effort with the ultimate goal of qualifying for the 6th Olympic tournament.

In the same rl, Angelakis remains 2nd Greek. In Italy he was eliminated in the 2nd qualifying round of the singles, but he got 2 points and moved up 13 places. He is now at number 325 with 25 points overall. Sgouropoulos also stopped in the 2nd heat. With the 2 points, he moved up 19 places and is now at number 351. Giorgos Konstantinopoulos, who had also lost in the 2nd qualifier of the singles, returned to the charts and is at No. 879, while Giorgos Stamatouros, who was eliminated in the 1st qualifier, “won” 4 places with the 1 point he got (No. 465).

In the women’s world ranking, the consistently first Greek, Katerina Toliou, was the only representative in the Italian Feeder, who had a fall. Minimal, of course, as with her elimination in the 1st round of the singles, she fell one place. He got 2 points behind Biela and with 51 overall he is at number 226 from last week’s 225.

In the round of “64” of the singles, our other two internationals, who competed in the neighboring country, were also defeated and also got 2 points each. Malamatenia Papadimitriou was at number 372 with an increase of 8 places (15 points in total) and Terpou at No 395, rising 30 places (12 points).


Bogoria Grodzisk of Panagiotis Gionis, meanwhile, ended their presence in the Champions League groups with a defeat, as expected, and will continue this year’s European adventure in the Europe Cup. While Gionis was chasing the trophy in Italy, the Polish club was competing on Sunday 17/12 in Germany against Neu Ulm for the 6th and final matchday in Group B. Although they had lost at home by a margin of 3-2, it was clear underdog against the group favorite. He didn’t even seem to believe in the reversal and lost 3-0 without taking a set. Thus, with 6 points, it took the 2nd place above the Czech Ostrov and goes to the Europe Cup table.

Neu Ulm unbeaten and with 8 points became the 3rd team after the German Borussia Dusseldorf and the Austrian Wiener Neustadt, which secures a place in the Final 4 of the Champions League, which is to take place on 31/03 and 01/04 in Saarbrucken, Germany. In yesterday’s match, the Swede Truls Meregaard defeated the Pole Marek Badowski with a 3-0 set and later Dimitri Ovcharov with the same score against the Pole Milos Rezymski and the Nigerian Quadri Aruna, also with a 3-0 win over the Japanese Jin Takuya.

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