The unstoppable Real Madrid also passed through Belgrade like a siphon


He passed with a comfortable victory from his “hot” headquarters Red Star and continues its imposing course in this year’s Euroleague Real Madrid!

The “queen” confirmed its superiority against the “red and white” of Belgrade, winning with the final 72-58celebrating a fourth consecutive victory in the event, improving her record to 14-1 and remaining alone first at the top of the standings!

Top for the winners are Hezonia (17p, 10 rebounds) and Poirier (14p), while for the defeated, who fell to 5-10They stood out Mitrovic and Teodosicwho scored 14 points each.

The match

The match started with Real not scoring a single point in the first 2.5 minutes and Astera leading 7-0, before Ediage scored a three-pointer and Hanga, Mitrovic made it 11-3 in favor of the home team. Red Star maintained its lead, having offensive rebounds as its biggest “weapon”, while Real had 4/9 three-pointers and went ahead with 16-18 and 18-20, before Mitrovic “wrote” with shots in the 20- 20 of the first period.

Then Madrid found a rhythm and led 33-28, with Poirier reaching 10 personal points, while the French center was the one who gave his team its first double-digit lead of the game (33-43). The first half ended with Real leading 45-34, before… stepping on the gas with their return from the locker room.

In fact, the difference in favor of Real reached up to 18 points (43-61), just before the end of the third period, with the Reds coming to terms with the idea of ​​defeat and not really threatening in the rest of the match. The final 58-72 came to confirm that Tsous Mateo’s team is in… a very good mood, while Yannis Sfairopoulos’ team needs to correct several things in their game.

The quarters: 20-20, 34-45, 45-61, 58-72

The match statistics

Source: Sport Fm

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