Petridis: “Panathinaikos AKTOR has not reached the “peak” of his performance – “He has tremendous room for improvement”


He carried the latest news from the Panathinaikos basketball report on his “air”. News Bulletin 247 o Giorgos Petridis.

The station’s reporter, talking to Christos Robolis on the show “Bashetoi”first addressed Kyle Guy’s impending departure saying: “It’s clear that Guy was not counted, from the moment he left the group of foreigners. After the addition of Nan and all the quality it made sense that Guy would go back in playing time.”

Then he spoke about the form the “greens” are in, but also about the two difficult matches for the Euroleague, with Baskonia and Valencia: “On a good moon with a lot of psychology. He hasn’t reached his peak yet. It still has tremendous room for improvement. Panathinaikos AKTOR understands the trump cards and limits them. He also struggles on defense. All players give 100%. There is a disposition to defend. Papapetrou will also give a lot. After the matches in Spain with Baskonia and Valencia, he will logically get back to normal.”

Finally for the transcripts, he underlined: “Tough for Dorsey. Panathinaikos cannot “mess up” something successful in this part of their game. He is a kid who wants the ball in his hands and to shoot. And difficult for Mihailiuk. Panathinaikos does not lack a player there.”

Listen to the audio:

Source: Sport Fm

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