Opinion – Sandro Macedo: Corinthians 2012 or Palmeiras 2022, who would be better?

Opinion – Sandro Macedo: Corinthians 2012 or Palmeiras 2022, who would be better?

The number of coincidences between the 2012 FIFA Club World Cup, the last one won by a non-European, Corinthians, and the current World Cup should make astrologers, numerologists, fortune tellers and chutologists climb the wall.

The biggest one is obvious, the rival: Chelsea. And many quickly went to compare the 2012 Blues with the 2022 Blues, with a wide advantage for the current team – worse for Palmeiras.

That Chelsea from 2012 was already eliminated from the current Champions League and changed the manager just before the tournament. Who commanded the team in Japan was Rafa Benítez, best coach for Brazilians in the history of the World Cup.

The current team is better individually, and sooo much better collectively — and that doesn’t detract an inch from Corinthians’ feat.

To complete the lineup of the stars, Palmeiras also faced the same Al Ahly in the semifinals – and suffered much less on the field, with a 2-0 victory; Corinthians, on an icy night witnessed by this scribe, made it 1-0.

But if it is clear that the current Chelsea is better, who would you choose in a heads-up between Corinthians of Japan and Palmeiras of Abu Dhabi?

In goal, you could close your eyes and choose anyone. Cássio was third goalkeeper in the 2018 World Cup and could have been in 2014; Weverton will be the third goalkeeper in this year’s Cup. Dead heat.

Thinking of a defensive line with four players, between the sides, the white team had Alessandro and Fábio Santos, the one with eternal life; the alviverde team plays with Marcos Rocha and Piquerez. In this window, we have Alessandro on the right and Piquerez on the left — the Uruguayan offers other tactical options that can be useful in the 90 minutes.

Of the four defenders —Chicão, Paulo André, Gustavo Gómez and Luan—, Palmeiras has the best, Gómez, and the worst, Luan (who played well against Al Ahly). He would leave the Paraguayan with Chicão, who also scored goals from free kicks.

Duo of midfielders, without thinking too much: young Danilo, from Palmeiras, and forward Paulinho, from Corinthians, with all due respect to the discarded Ralf and Zé Rafael.

In the offensive part, Corinthians had Jorge Henrique and Emerson, with the Peruvian Guerrero more centralized – the man with the goal of the title. Palmeiras have Raphael Veiga and Dudu, with Rony running everywhere. I go with Dudu and Veiga —who deserved a chance in the selection—, complemented by Guerrero. The Peruvian doesn’t have Rony’s mobility, nor does he waste Rony’s chances.

And then there’s the 11th man, almost a joker, who can play behind, in the middle, in front, on the dead ball and on the rolling ball. The one for alvinegro was the already experienced Danilo, the one for alviverde is Gustavo Scarpa.

Despite all the versatility of the Palmeirense, Danilo was a monster at the 2012 World Cup. It seemed that he ran less than all the other 20 linemen and was always in the right place. He was almost a field coach.

So come on, the “fantastic 11” on the field would be: Weverton/Cássio, Alessandro, Gómez, Chicão and Piquerez; Danilo (from Palmeiras) and Paulinho; Dudu, Danilo (from Corinthians) and Raphael Veiga; and Guerrero. Hmmmm, what about the technician?

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