Panathinaikos AKTOR took his eyes off Vitoria!


Freehand Panathinaikos AKTOR in Vitoria!

The “greens” made an excellent appearance for about 25 minutes, but gave rights to Baskonia and eventually lost by a score of 75-73, thanks to his winning basket with 0.9 seconds left Cody Miller-McIntyrewho had “injured” Olympiakos in the same way in SEF!

Halfway through the third period his team Ergin Ataman was in complete control of the match, reaching up to +17 (31-48). Nevertheless, Panathinaikos AKTOR lost his cool on both sides of the floor, giving the right to Baskonia to get back into contention for the match. Even in the final, however, the game was in the hands of the “clover”, who were betrayed by some poor attacking choices in the crucial minutes, missing a great opportunity and staying 10-8 in the Euroleague.

A great game for the “greens” was made by Kendrick Nunn who had 25 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists, although he missed several crucial shots that could have ended the match. He had 11 points Marius Grigoniswhile the same number was achieved by Kostas Sloukas, along with 4 rebounds and 4 assists. Bad show from him Dino Mitoglou with 7 points and 2/9 shooting, it didn’t help at all as he was fouled early o Matias Lessorwhich scored just 1 point.

On the part of the winners, who beat Panathinaikos AKTOR 10-8, the leader of the counterattack was Chima Moneke who scored 20 points and 13 rebounds, essentially being the one who single-handedly turned the game around. 11 points were scored by Matt Costellowhile the scorer of the “golden” shot had 10 along with 4 rebounds and 3 assists, Cody Miller-McIntyre.

The match

The two teams entered the match nervously and misguidedly, with Balcherovsky to open the scoring for Panathinaikos AKTOR with one shot for 0-1 and to make consecutive good defenses. Nan scored the first basket in the field for the guests’ 0-3, while Sedekerskis answered him immediately (2-3) and Costello put Baskonia ahead 5-3. The Greens were playing good defense and keeping the pace right, with Grigonis leveling the score at 5-5 with shots and Costello replying to make it 7-5. The measured at the beginning Nan tied it at 7-7 with a mid-range shot, while Grigonis took the… gift of defense and wrote 7-9. Baskonia went ahead again and found themselves at +4 with Howard and Chioza (13-9). THE Nan made a 3-pointer to cut it to 13-12, which was also the score of the first period due to the misfire by both teams.

As the second quarter began, Grigonis hit a foul shot to make it 13-15, with Howard answering with a 3-pointer to make it 16-15. THE Grigonis and Mitoglou put a shot away for 16-17, while Diop responded in kind for 18-17 and McIntyre ended one of her few upsets Baskonia for 20-17. The American made another basket (22-17), but Antetokounmpo answered with a follow-up nail and Mitoglou made shots for 22-21. Grant provided a solution from afar to the misguided Panathinaikos AKTOR by writing 22-24, while the most positive Antetokounmpo made a foul field goal to make it 22-26. THE Nan continued the very good period of the “greens”, making it 22-28 with a mid-range shot, while Grant made another three-pointer, with Nunn following with a layup for 24-33. O Grigonis he said “thank you” to Baskonia’s error and brought the first double-digit lead for the guests (25-35). The excellent first half for the “greens” ended at 26-37.

At the beginning of the second part, Mitoglou and Sendekerskis traded layups, while Antetokounmpo hit a dunk and fouled out to make it 28-42. McIntyre took three shots but made just one, making it 31-44, while Grigonis and Nunn each scored a layup to make it 31-48. THE Baskonia showed a reaction and got closer to 37-48 with a three-pointer by Marinkovic, while Dieth scored another one at the end of the attack for 41-48. THE Sedekerskis made a basket and foul but missed the shot for 43-48, with Sluka and Marinkovic exchanging 3-pointers for 46-51. Vildosa and Lessor they missed important shots, Panathinaikos AKTOR started having trouble rebounding and the third period ended 50-53.

At the beginning of the last quarter, o Nan he hit a big 3-pointer for 52-56, and followed it up with a short-range shot for 52-58. Slukas hit a second very important three-pointer, sending Panathinaikos AKTOR to +9 again (52-61), but Howard responded for 55-61. The unstoppable Nan executed again after a dribble to make it 55-63, but he missed a three-pointer and Moneke with 8 consecutive points tied the game at 63-63. THE Grant he hit a long shot for 63-66 giving Panathinaikos AKTOR a breather, but Moneke answered with three shots to tie again at 66-66. Nunn hit another big 3-pointer, and Slukas did the same for 67-72, with Costello making a layup to make it 69-72. THE Sloukas stole and made a shot, but Moneke tied the game at 73-73, and after Nunn’s missed 3-pointers, McIntyre hit the game-winning shot at 0.9.

The quarters: 13-12, 26-37, 50-53, 75-73

Detailed match statistics here.

Source: Sport Fm

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