President Girona: “If Bayern want Mitchell, I will take him by car to Munich”!


Whatever the “miracle” of her conquest La Liga remains alive matchday after matchday, then the “four” in Atlético? THE Get Guardiolapresident of Girona and brother of Pep will not stand in the way of his future Mitchell if there is an official proposal from a big club in Europe.

“Bayern? If Bayern make him an offer, I will take him all the way to Munich by car.”he answered quite politely, he asked you about your interest of the German champions for the coach, who keeps Girona in first place of the Spanish league together with Real Madrid.

Unlike other unpopular presidents, Pere will be an “ally” of the Spanish coach in case he wants to level up. “He deserves to define his own future. If big clubs come for him and he wants to leave, he is free to do so!”.

For Pere Guardiola, the impressive course of the Catalans is not above the human part and the professional future of Mitchell. After the dramatic win over Atletico and four goals against Xolo Simeone’s Rojiblancos, Girona grabbed another performance to become the first team in 62 years to score 47 goals in 19 games, surpassing Spain’s big three.

The last to achieve something similar was Zaragoza with 52 goals in the 1961/62 season.

Editor: Thanasis Kritikos

Source: Sport Fm

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