Stamatelos: “Olympiacos did not show the face it should have, regardless of the refereeing errors”


Nikos Stamatelos expressed his opinion on Olympiakos and the defeat in yesterday’s derby against AEK in Karaiskaki, where there are many complaints about refereeing errors by the Slovak referee, on News Bulletin 247.

Callens has committed the foul on Rota, and they call Olympiakos, and Fortounis goes and goes to get the ball from the midfield area. It has been executed with a pass from Cullens to Rota, even Fortounis had not taken it for granted. This happened and we are wrong to criticize the referee, at least for this phase. Apparently the subscription channel has not shown the disputed phase, and the confusion that has existed at this point“, initially reported the team’s reporter for the phase that Kostas Ketsetzoglou stood earlier.

He then underlined: “The referee was generally bad, since he did not see the penalty phase with Navarro and from the front camera there is no Masura’s hand, because that is where the referee can see. So there is no VAR. I think it’s a borderline phase, but I’ll watch it again. I didn’t notice but I think he has whistled before so no VAR».

And he concluded by saying:From then on, while you know how AEK works in the sets, with two consecutive phases, to concede two goals with Levia Garcia taking the headers. In the first, he hits the target and in the second, Zuber scores, while Ortega every now and then kicks the ball out for a corner, giving it to AEK. In the first half, Olympiacos showed a problematic performance and things are going to be difficult, starting with the derby with Panathinaikos for the Cup. The refereeing is one thing and the competition is another, where once again he didn’t show the face he should have. Hard times are coming now. They are -8 from the top, they have Panathinaikos in the Cup and the team must show improvement. At the same time, Olympiacos needs the whole team to change its image, and not just some individual efforts of Fortounis, who yesterday did not show well compared to other games that he has helped significantly».

Source: Sport Fm

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