Sant-Ross: “You must always be consistent when wearing the Panathinaikos jersey”


The Euroleague focused on Howard Sand-Rosswho stressed that you must always be consistent when wearing the Panathinaikos jersey.

At the same time, the Cuban guard / forward said that the pressure on the “clover” is a bit scary.

In detail what he stated:

– For its course so far:
“It’s a big trip, but I enjoy it. I have met many people, I have met many coaches. I learn how they work, how they live. It’s something terrible. Sometimes … I go crazy. They wonder if I carry this from Cuba. I’m proud of it, it comes from my country. We are people who enjoy life, regardless of the weather or the score. “I am always the same.”

– For the size of Panathinaikos: “Panathinaikos is a great team, with a long history. To be honest, it’s kind of … scary. Some people think that you should always be consistent, because you wear the green jersey. To give your best, regardless of circumstances. My size in defense speaks for itself. Someone wants to bring me to a team, because I play defense, I’m right in the locker room and always friendly. So I can open doors for other players from Cuba. I tell everyone to continue. It is God’s plan, one day something good will come to them “.

Dimitris Priftis said of him: “It gives you the choice to use it in many ways. I would say that it is a very good piece for a team “.

Finally, Daryl Macon added: “Howard is an excellent teammate, he always accepts his role in the team. He does not complain about anything. He always pushes for the best “.

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