Corinthians are attacked by PMs before departure at the Arena de Itaquera


Corinthians fans were attacked by military police, shortly before the team’s match against Mirassol, for the Campeonato Paulista, on Thursday night (10), at the access to Arena Corinthians, in the east side of the capital. The violence was recorded on video by witnesses.

The Military Police stated that, as soon as they had access to the images, they launched a Military Police Inquiry. “One of the agents appearing in the videos has already been identified and removed from operational activities”, added the corporation, in a note sent late this Friday afternoon (11).

The São Paulo State Police Ombudsman also stated in a note that it had requested the immediate removal of the police officers involved to the PM’s Internal Affairs Department. No action taken against the police has been reported by the corporation so far.

Two young men and the girlfriend of one of them told TV Globo that the ticket of one of them had broken, causing the trio to go after stadium employees.

The attendants, according to the boys and the girl, instructed them to explain the situation to the Military Police, who were monitoring the access of fans to the stadium.

The victims who were attacked had proof of payment for the ticket which, according to them, broke after being allegedly handled by a military police officer.

When they went to explain the case to the police, one of the boys says he was mistreated. From that moment on, his friend, who had already passed through the turnstile, began to record the approach with his cell phone.

The footage shows a police officer removing the boy’s cap. When another PM realizes they are being filmed, he goes after the other fan. The attacks started at this point.

The violence was recorded by other witnesses. According to a cell phone video, shared on social networks, one of the fans even fainted, after the police approach, made with truculence.

The police ombudsman, Elizeu Soares Lopes, stated through his press office that, in addition to the immediate removal of the police, he also requested the opening of a police inquiry to investigate the case.

As a measure to prevent possible police abuse, the PM started using cameras “record everything” attached to the uniforms of agents in São Paulo.

In the 18 units that use the equipment, a drop of up to 85% in police lethality was recorded in the last seven months of last year.

Corinthians said in a note, published this Friday afternoon (11), to keep in touch with the authorities to understand the facts, in addition to not supporting “any type of violence.”

The club added looking for the three fans, to hear from them what happened and, after that, to avoid possible similar situations.

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