Carlinhos Mendigo has arrest decreed for not paying alimony


Comedian Carlos Alberto da Silva, known as Carlinhos Mendigo, from the Pânico program, had his arrest ordered by the São Paulo Court. The Capture Division, of the Department of Strategic Police Operations (Dope), carries out steps to fulfill the 30-day temporary arrest warrant.

The information was confirmed by the SSP (Secretariat of Public Security) of São Paulo, but no further details were given. According to UOL, Carlinhos owes more than R$90,000 in alimony to his 11-year-old son. His ex-wife’s lawyer, Aline Hauck, told the publication that the corrected amount would reach R$400,000.

Since 2017, Carlinhos has been fighting a legal battle with Hauck. In 2018, the comedian was also sentenced to prison and declared that he would not pay the debt. At the time, he requested a review of the values ​​and the arrest warrant was eventually revoked. This time, he could not be reached for comment on the new decree.

For Justice, Carlinhos Mendigo is considered a fugitive, since he was not found at what would be his address, in Morumbi, west of São Paulo. In 2020, he lost coverage where he lived for not paying the mortgage. The property, located in the Real Parque neighborhood in São Paulo, was valued at R$3 million.

In 2018, the comedian stated, in an interview with the program Camera Record, that “if I’m going to be arrested, I’ll go, but I won’t pay alimony anymore so I don’t see my son. I’m not afraid of jail. I had [dinheiro]wouldn’t pay unless she pays for the time I lost with my son”.

No one from Carlinhos’ team was reached to comment on the case. wanted by F5Aline Hauck’s lawyer has not yet responded to requests.

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