Barcelona wants Cancelo and Felix to stay!


Last summer, Barcelona took it upon themselves to get things back on track the careers of Felix and Cancelo. Both were simply keeping… space in Atletico Madrid and Manchester City respectively and were looking for a solution to their marginalization. After all, they spent the second half of last season in Chelsea and Bayern but without satisfying.

Barcelona seemed like an ideal “destination” for both of them, since there they would have the space and time to prove their worth. However, the Catalans did not have the financial resources to acquire them by normal transfer and loaned them from their teams.

Six months on they have reached high performance standards and now Barcelona officials Xavi and Laporta want to keep them in Barcelona. At least that’s what he said the well-known agent and compatriot of the two PortugueseJorge Mendes.

“Barcelona wants to continue working with them after the summer when their loan ends. He is thinking of going ahead with the purchase of both”Mendes, who maintains excellent relationship with the president of the “Blaugrana”.

Editor: Thanasis Kritikos

Source: Sport Fm

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