Doubts within Bayern about Thomas Tuchel


Bayern Munich defeated by Werder Bremen after 16 years and fell seven points behind Bundesliga leaders Leverkusen. Nothing has been decided in the title fight, however the shock defeat “made noise” for everyone in the administration of the Bavarians”.

To such a point in fact that within it Doubts “grow” in the face of Thomas Tuchel. At the moment, there is no question of his leaving, since Bayern can recover, while the matches with Lazio in the Champions League are approaching.

The president of the club is also having second thoughts about the German technician Uli Henneshowever, he wants stability on the team’s bench and not to “load” the position of the coach with yet another layoff.

This is why Thomas Tuchel remains in charge of Bayern Munich for the time being.

Editor: Thanasis Kritikos

Source: Sport Fm

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