Farmers are hardening their stance – Blockades are being strengthened


The farmers’ blockades in Thessaly are being strengthened, while the farmers’ blockade at the E65 junction in Karditsa remains.

The farmers of Karditsa will at 14:00 block the E65 symbolically and will meet on the road.

Yesterday the farmers of Nice decided to go with a tractor to the central square of Larissa and demonstrate on Sunday at 12 noon.

After the end of their protest, the tractors will strengthen the Platykambos block, even saying that they will now have a “right” on the national road.

The Platykambos block is expected to be reinforced by farmers from the regions of Tyrnavos, Elassona and Falani.

The farmers of Thessaloniki

From today, the professionals of the primary sector of Central Macedonia are moving forward in symbolic mobilizations whose aim is to highlight the perennial problems of Greek farmers and breeders and to find solutions, so that the country’s food security is not shaken. They assure, however, that their intention is in no way to burden road traffic for citizens.

Specifically, farmers and breeders from the lakeside villages of Lagadas and from the northern sector of the region and Zagliveri, will proceed today with a symbolic blockade of the center of Lagadas with their tractors, but this will not affect traffic for citizens, since there are three other alternative roads through which they can move, as farmer Kostas Hatziparadeisis, communication manager of the block that has been set up at the Serres-Kilkis intersection in Liti, told APE-MPE.

“We are not taking to the streets to ask for subsidies and money,” he pointed out, adding that professional farmers and breeders are looking for fair solutions to their age-old demands.

As he clarified in their requests, the complete revision of the CAP in a real production direction is ranked first, followed by the following: reconstitution and rational documented ELGA charge per crop, animal species and frequency of compensation payments, auction of goods at district level, control on the profit margin according to national list of seed companies, processing of agricultural products, due diligence on every import cargo, nationwide inclusion of arable land with maize in the denitrification program, agricultural oil at the pump and not in the form of a subsidy and facilitation through IACS declarations of exchange of plots between producers, with in order to increase their size and achieve a reduction in production costs.

Mr. Hatziparadeisis said that with the end of their mobilization in the center of Lagadas, the participants in it will return to their place, from where they will depart in the afternoon to Derveni, where they will line up at the Auchena junction on the highway from the right side of Lagini at the Thessaloniki exit.

“Our intention is not to block the road, since we really do not want to burden the traffic for the citizens, which is already increased due to the works of the FlyOver and other infrastructure projects in the wider city of Thessaloniki”, he emphasized.

At the airport “Macedonia” farmers from Epanomi

In the meantime, farmers and breeders from Epanomi and nearby areas, as well as from Thermi, are heading today to the “Macedonia” airport, where they intend to park their tractors outside the roadway, since “our goal is not to inconvenience the citizens, but to solve our problems firstly the cost of production which has been increasing for years now and solutions are not given”, as the farmer Markos Markou, who cultivates 2,000 acres, told APE-MPE.

Among the demands of the farmers proposed by him are the revision of the “unenforceable”, as he described it, CAP – especially in regards to greening – and the imperative need to intensify controls.

Besides, farmers and breeders of the area are going to carry out a symbolic mobilization outside the Halkidona town hall today, and respectively in Naoussa and Serres, while the farmers of Imathia are taking out their tractors at the junction of Koulouras next Monday 29/1 following a related decision taken by their general assembly.

In Giannitsa, the farmers will march through the city. They will deliver a resolution and stay there until 2 in the afternoon. Then they will line up their tractors in the fields and the entrance of the city.

The farmers of Thessaly, who have suffered the destruction of their crops, their land and their livestock by the bad weather Daniel, seek to reach the Maximus Palace.

Government sources acknowledge the difficult position of the agricultural world, recalling that the government immediately stood by those affected.

They emphasize that this attitude has not changed and the government is still open to dialogue about the problems and demands of the farmers, in order to find solutions as quickly as possible.


Source: Sport Fm

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