Princely escape from the City and seat of Ephesus to Monaco!


The match:

The pace of the match was excellent first quarter, worthy of the attacking talent of both teams. THE Monaco entered the match better and with Mike James in a leading role, he led 12-9 and a little later with 14-11 at 6′. In the last part of the period, however, Anatolou Efes revved up and got rolling on offense, going on a quick 8-0 run to pull ahead (19-14), before closing out the quarter ahead with score 23-22.

With their good and pressing defense as their ally, the Monegasques came on very strongly in the second period and thanks to four points from Okobo and six from Lloyd, they not only regained the lead, but sent the difference for the first time at +7 (27-34) at 13′. Despite seeming to be limping for most of the period, the Turks kept the score close with Bryant’s two big 3-pointers and Wylis’ one for 36-39 at 17′. Shots which proved to “wake up” Emre Can’s team, which ended the quarter with a partial score of 7-0, thus going to the locker room with +4 for 43-39.

With speed gained from the good “finish” of the first half, Anatolou Efes entered the third periodbringing the difference to +8 (47-39) and shortly after at +7 (50-43) at 23′ with Lloyd’s third three-pointer of the match.

The quarters: 23-22, 43-39, 60-65, 78-80.

See the match statistics here.

Source: Sport Fm

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