Fener came back from -12 and “cleaned” Villeurbanne!


When he got serious, he easily defeated Fenerbahce!

The Turkish team won 83-73 in Lyon Villerbangoing up to 15-9 and waiting for a possible “wrong” by him Panathinaikou ACTOR so that he catches fours. On the other hand, the French remained trailing with 5-19.

In the first half, the home team showed a very positive face and even led +12 (41-29). From there, however, the whole of it Saras Jasikevicius he found… himself and managed to reach victory without stress.

Top of the winners was Jonathan Motley with 24 points, while 17 was scored by Scotty Wilbekin. Very positive with 8 points, 4 rebounds, 8 assists and 2 steals Nick Calathes. Among the losers, he stood out with 26 points and 7 assists Mike Scott.

The match

Fener entered better with their protagonists Kalathi and Papagianni, thereby preceding 8-11. THE Villerban reacted and took a 12-11 lead thanks to Ediage and Scott, with Motley to score 5 points in a row for 14-16. Lee and Scott found the target for the hosts, and the first quarter ended with the score 18-16.

In the second period, the home team came on much stronger. With the best of them David Lighty and Mike Scott, the French took a 27-18 lead, showing their… teeth. With Noah and Gooduric, Fener reduced to 27-22, but the Scott he was “hot” and scored 9 straight points for the Villerban, bringing the hosts to +11 (36-25). Fener did not chew and began to reduce with him Wilbekinwhile her reaction continued until halftime, which ended with a score of 42-39.

In the third quarter, her time came Lantern. With an outbreak of Motley and Wilbekin and defense for a seminar, the Turkish team began to build a difference in their favor (46-50). THE Wilbekin made an important three-pointer for 47-53, while Sanli scored his second in a row for 49-56. THE Goodrich he also made a shot from 6.75 for 51-60, while Wilbekin made a double digit difference over Fener for the first time (52-62). The third period ended with a score of 56-67.

In the fourth period, Fener had now “cleaned up” the result, and they just wanted to keep it. THE Noah hit 5 straight points for 59-72, and then Villeurbanne tried to fight back, cutting it to 69-76 with Effect and Cashew. Biberovich provided the solution she needed Lantern with a three-pointer for 71-81, and the match finally ended 73-83.

The quarters: 18-16, 42-39, 56-67, 73-83

Detailed match statistics here

Source: Sport Fm

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