Panathinaikos AKTOR was hurt by his mistakes and bowed in Kaunas


He left the “Zalgirio Arena” with his head down Panathinaikos AKTOR!

The “greens” were defeated with a score of 80-68 by the Zalgiris in a “hot” atmosphere, as a result of which they fall to 15-10 in Euroleaguehurt by their poor performance for long periods, especially in the attacking part.

His team Ergin Ataman were constantly in the game, although the home side had the upper hand for most of the match. In the finale, the Lithuanians got away with +12 (74-62) and the “greens” tried to fight back by reducing to 7 (74-67), however some effortless mistakes did not allow them to get any closer. More generally, the mistakes were the big blow for the guests, who they scored 15 with just 12 assists.

Leading for Zalgiris, which rose to 10-15 although still far from the top ten, was Keenan Evans, who had a tremendous game with 24 points, 5 assists and 5 steals. 12 points were scored by Laurinas Biroutiswhile out of 10 they succeeded Edgars Ulanovas and Rolands Schmitz.

On the part of Panathinaikos AKTOR, he was hopelessly alone for a large part of the match Kendrick Nunn, who scored 26 points, pulled down 3 rebounds, handed out 4 assists but also committed 7 mistakes, some quite critical. He helped mainly in the first half with 15 points o Marius Grigoniswhile 14 points with 7 rebounds were scored by Matias Lessor. Of the rest, no one gave anything more.

The match

THE Zalgiris entered the match strongly and took a 2-0 lead with a layup by Gentraitis, while Evans made it 5-2 with a three-pointer. Grigonis hit the visitors’ first long shot for 5-5, while Nunn followed with his own for 5-8. The American guard entered well and signed 7-10 with a layup, while Biroutis reduced to 9-10 in the same way. Manek hit from the top, while Biroutis hooked to make it 14-10 for the home team. THE Nan was “hot” and reduced to 14-13 with another long shot, but o Biroutis was a major problem and scored back-to-back points for 18-13. Nan was playing… on his own and found the target again from 6.75m, while shortly after he did the same Grigonis, reducing the difference to a point (20-19). THE Schmitz answered with a difficult foul goal for 25-21, but Panathinaikos AKTOR closed the first quarter with individual scores of 4-0, for 25-25 by the hands of Nan and Grigonis.

At the start of the second quarter, the Greens went ahead with two of his shots Lessor, while the Frenchman scored again in a difficult way for 27-29. Lessor came on strong in the period, making an impressive layup in front of Biroutis, then making a shot to make it 27-33. THE Evans temporarily cut short with a three-pointer, but the formidable Lessor defeated Schmitz for 30-35. Manek made a very lucky long shot to put the difference in the basket (33-35), before Evans equalized with shots at 35-35. THE Grant and Ulanovas traded baskets from close for 37-37, while Sumner scored his first points from the top for a 40-37 Lithuanian lead. Evans hit a difficult floater to make it 42-38, while Ulanovas made it 44-38 before halftime on a layup Nan.

With the beginning of the second part, h Zalgiris came on strong with back-to-back points by Evans to make it 49-41. Grant held him Panathinaikos AKTOR close with his own three-pointer for 49-44, while Lessor nailed the home team’s basket for 49-46. THE Nan hit from mid-range and cut the difference to a point (49-48), but Gentraitis answered with a three-pointer for 52-48. The Lithuanian and Nan traded two-pointers for 54-50, before Lessor cut it to 54-52 from close range. The “hot” Evans continued the … three-point dance on defense for 57-52, while Schmitz after an hour he nailed the surprise for 59-52. THE Nan gave a crucial solution with a three-pointer and a foul for 59-56, but o Schmitz answered with a foul shot and Hayes made it 64-56 in the third period from the height of the shot.

In the last quarter, the Juancho with two shots it was reduced to 64-58, while Biroutis responded from close range and Ulanovas signed 68-58. Nunn made an easy mistake and Evans took advantage of it by forming the first +12 of the match (70-58). With shots from Grigonis and Grant, the greens got closer to 72-62, while Nan down with five straight personal points to 74-67. The visitors had the opportunity to reduce even more, but Juancho missed a three-pointer and then Nan it took 5 seconds. Ulanovas scored a big basket for 76-67, while Lessor he made a mistake on the next attack and the Lithuanian finished the match with another basket for 78-67.

The quarters: 25-25, 44-38, 64-56, 80-68

Detailed match statistics here.

Source: Sport Fm

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